Maypole Dance

At Key Stage 1 & 2 level, Maypole dance workshops are an excellent introduction to English dance history, combined with physical recreation, teamwork and a lot of fun creating patterns and shapes with brightly-coloured ribbons!

Maypole can be a fun style of dance for teens and adults too! We’ll go for high-speed, high energy versions of some easier dances, and see how complicated we can make things. There can even be some crossover with other dance styles.


Age group: age 4 upwards, including teenagers and adults

Length: usually 1 hour per class/group – one off or a series

Skills developed: creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, history, PE, musicality

Event type: suitable for school workshops, after school clubs, community events, festivals

Provided: maypole with 16 ribbons, instructor, recorded music (although live music can be arranged)

Requirements: large hall (or dry playground)

Please get in touch to find out more.